Wednesday, October 28, 2009

well that was quick!

i had hoped to reach 100 sales by the end of this week, but after being featured on the front page again, 100 came and went before i even noticed! so, you know what that means....
drumroll please...


i just can't help myself... had to share the love since that is what i am feeling from this little shop o'mine. and from all of you, of course. it has been such and adventure already and i am excited to see what more is in store.

so, what's up for grabs, you ask?
since i am turning the big 3-0 on sunday, i will pick a winner to receive $30 towards anything in my shop. that means YOU pick what you want. k? sound good?

and how do you enter? the usual:
(please leave a comment for each of the following)

1. blog about it
2. announce it on facebook
3. tweet about it
4. send me a birthday present (just kidding!
sort of.)
5. become an allora handmade follower if you aren't already
6. comment to let me know what other kinds of designs you'd like to see
7. make a purchase (and if you win, I will credit you back the $30!)
8. comment with ideas on how to not have a mid-life crisis at 30

that means you have 8 possible ways to enter!!

i will pick the winner on sunday (though i probably won't announce until monday) and who knows... it could be you!

thank you again for your support and kindness.

oh, and one more sneak peek:

yep. those are earrings. can you imagine?!? to diiiiiiee for. more christmas-y accessories coming soon!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

front page!!

Allora made it to the front page again!! yip yip yippee!!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

thank you!

thank you so much for all the comment love!! you sure know how to make a girl smile:)
makes me excited to get back into creative mode and see what you all think. speaking of that, i am getting very close to my 100th sale on etsy (crazy!) and would love to do another little giveaway here in celebration. what is it that you would love to see on a giveaway? or maybe just a gift certificate? and remember - you still have time to enter the Joy's Hope giveaway here. and did you know that if you make a purchase during the
giveaway and mention Joy's Hope you get 10% off? suh-weet.
here's a little peek of what's coming soon:

ranunculus: $8

p.s. this is merely a preview photo. boo. not great. i know. real model coming soon!!!

Friday, October 23, 2009


Hey all!
Don't miss out on a fun giveaway from Allora Handmade over at Joy's Hope.
Will be giving out one of these beauties...

plus, a 10% off coupon code! check it out!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

new in the shop

all that jazz headband $18

hear me roar headband $10

partly sunny necklace $32.50

wish it were summer necklace $30

when life hands you lemons necklace $35


Hello! My name is Jessica and this is Allora Handmade.
So, what do you do when you have 2 babies (Owen - 2 - the cutest little tasmanian devil/curly-haired tornado/ball of energy you'll ever meet, and Henry- 7 months- the smiliest/squishiest/yummiest/kissable-est baby on the planet), live in a new town, and have a husband (crazy cute and wicked smart - chemical engineering, hello!!) back in school full time? Well, start a business of course!! It definitely was not ever in my plans to start up this little shop of mine - and certainly not in one of the busiest, craziest times of my life. But, that is right where I found myself this past summer. Searching for a way to provide a few more pennies toward the starving student fund, I decided, on a whim really, to go for it. And Allora Handmade was born. Just a few months after Henry.
Truth be told, in every stage of my life I have sought an artistic outlet to express myself and have always loved the creative process. I really do believe that "The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul" - Dieter F. Uchtdorf. I used to consider myself an artist, but unfortunately, for many years school and jobs got in the way of my creativity. It wasn't until I became a mom that I found myself longing to use my little hands to make something! Anything! I started sewing - at first with terribly crooked lines, and gradually found a niche in Allora Handmade that I absolutely love.
One of my favorite things is to be able to gift something one of a kind and unique - that was not made in China, but was made by me. This has always been my best creative process- making something beautiful for someone I love. And honestly, my friends and family who have been on the receiving end have been my greatest encouragement to go ahead with this little venture. I am constantly amazed and humbled that someone would want to buy something that I made! Wow! Cool!
When I'm not busy mommy-ing, wife-ing, or Allora-ing, I enjoy running and eating. Too bad they cancel eachother out. I get giddy hanging out with good girlfriends, eating authentic mexican food, and watching so you think you can dance (i admit it!). I hope you find something you love, and something that helps you feel like your best self. That is one of my favorite things about what I do. I know these things make me feel pretty, sassy, bold, and really, I am always creating things to match my mood. Hopefully I can do the same for you as well!