Thursday, August 19, 2010

have i told you...

have i told you i'm a crier?
big time.
happy cries. sad cries. angry cries. you name it, i cry it.
i like to blame it on my mom. yes, i'm a second generation cry-baby. i see other people crying and i start to cry.
i.e. i cried watching food network star sunday. {pathetic? yes. true? also, yes.}
anyhow, this week has been a week full of tears.
happy tears.
hubby finally met up with us here in san diego.
sat on the beach watching my boys play with their dad.
went to disneyland with my own kids for the first time ever.
i tell you what, it's been a good week.


Tasha said...

Yeah for good weeks!

Green Pickles said...

Gorgeous blog!
Come visit mine for a giveaway tomorrow!

sarasophia said...

I live for the day when I can finally take all of my littles to the Land of Disney-ness.

You children are as precious as their mama <3

(a fellow-crier)

Melissa said...

I'd forgotten that about you, but it's not a bad thing. How fun is it to watch the Disneyland experience through the eyes of you children?? I did that for the first time with my cousin's boys and although I wasn't' a mother, I was truly filled with joy watching those little guys. Of course it's been great with my own. So glad you are having fun!

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