Wednesday, August 25, 2010

still recovering

please excuse the lack of regular posting.
still recovering from our trip.
and missing that sweet ocean.
(and friends and family, of course)
don't you just love this picture?
i love it so much.
oh those boys were so happy running down that pier.
especially after having taken a sweet ride on the train up to oceanside.

i am in a bit of a funk - trying to pull it all together.
you know.

all good and exciting things, but my brain isn't used to so much activity.
ahhhh, vacation was nice.
the recovery? not so nice.
i feel like i'm swimming in honey. you know that feeling? just me?
ok, i'll stop complaining.
here's to getting it together!
(any tips for the post-vacation-blues?)


Tasha said...

Oh, I am glad it was such a great vacation. For me and vacation blues...I just plan on having them. I know, silly. But, it is true. Usually my boys are tuff for the first couple days too....or maybe it is me just having a tuff time without all the help and attention as well. Either way, I give myself at least 2 days to relax a little longer and slowly push myself back into the swing of things. Good luck. That picture is pretty fabulous.

Melissa said...

My only tip for recovery is to take everything a day at a time. For me, three days of laundry came first. I couldn't handle much else. Then begin to look forward to not only your events, but the little things. Just the every day stuff where we get to be with our little ones (you saw mine aren't so little anymore). The time goes fast. When we got home this summer, I thought, "We'll be going back again." That always makes me feel better. It was so good to see you. :)

Mom said...

This mom/grammy is going through withdrawls, too. Just wanted you to know.

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