Monday, September 6, 2010

in honor of labor day...

i am laboring the day away!
i am a busy little bee today because the countdown is on for the creative connection!
never heard of it?
well, where have you been?
my sis and i are so excited to be a part of this amazing conference centered around creative women entrepreneurs (with the likes of amy butler, heather bailey, and the pioneer woman... hello!!!) and also to participate in the handmade market. this will be the biggest market i've ever done, and i'm all nervous with excitement and anticipation. i'm introducing a few new products there, and bringing bazillions of the old standbys too.
plus, i get to meet gussy. in the flesh. yeoww!
want a sneak peek at what i've been up to?
i am over the moon about my new banner i made:
i know, i'm so predictable... my favorite color combo, of course!

a few new goodies:
yo yo's and pearls? be. still. my. heart.

and enough rosettes to make a girl weak in the knees:
introducing a few new colors (blush, eggplant, navy, etc!)

are you coming to TCC? will you come say hi to me? 


meganluvsjewels said...

You're making me very jealous that I can't be there ;) Good luck! I hope it is VERY successful!

Julie @ CalleLillyCafe said...

would love to see your finished banner! I'm thinking of making my own for a fall festival. I need to get started! =)

mommyholly said...

I wish I was going!!!!! I am SO excited to hear all about it- take lots and lots of photos, you two! :) xoxox Holly
Ps. Banner cuteness!!! I have to see the whole thing! :)

Kristal said...

I'm so excited for you! I wish it was me going- I love the pioneer woman! Have lots of fun and take lots of photos!

Steffi said...

Have fun there! I've also sent you a convo on a custom order~ I can't wait to make a purchase from your shop :D

Alyson Allen said...

love the yoyos and pearls. i've been making the same design for myself lately, in just about every color combination. they're so feminine. plus they can dress up or down. (wearing one right now, in fact!) anyway, i hope TCC is a huge success for you!

Candace said...

Oh my goodness that sounds sooo fun! Please write all about it when you get back!!! I looove PW!

Gussy said...

MUAH! love you girl! :] I can't wait to meet YOU!!!

Just Bead It Design said...

I would LOVE to see (and know how) you made that banner! I am needing one myself for a craft fair in a few weeks...and would love to do something more creative than having a vinyl printed (boring) thing. :)

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