Tuesday, September 28, 2010

it's only fair.

it's only fair that since I recommended a pair of jeans a little on the pricey side (though TOTALLY worth every penny) that I pass on another recommendation that is definitely budget friendly.
i mean, who doesn't want that?
ever heard of downeast basics?
if so, can i get an amen?
if not, get ready to flip out of cuteness-at-an-amazing-price-ness.
i mean, just look at Lindsey (from the Pleated Poppy)! she is about ready to faint in disbelief because I just told her how much my skirt cost (not really, but she could have!) don't worry, i totally would have caught her. (i got your back, linds.)
anyhow, as i was saying, cute. cute. cute. cheap. cheap. cheap. (not to be confused with cheaply made.)
i am lucky enough to have 3 downeast basics shops within 5 or 10 miles of me. let's just say it's a little dangerous. this is my go to shop when i am in need of something adorable that is young and fresh, but appropriate for my 30 (ahem) year-old-self. I mean, is there anything worse than a 30 year old who still dresses like they are 15? 
no. (just in case you hesitated. there is nothing worse. nothing.)
back to the outfit. 
for TCC, i picked out this beauty of a skirt (in gray of course):

it is so comfy, and the best part? POCKETS. for reals. i looove to wear skirts, but am always hunting for a pocket to put my phone, keys, random goldfish crackers, etc. in and finally, a cute skirt delivers. 2nd best part? (maybe it's a tie for first) POLKA DOTS. i love me some polka dots! mmmhmm.

and the sweater? (in green!) perfect for the fall (well, it's still 90 degrees here, but it WILL be perfect for the fall.)

don't you love the ruffles? yuummmm... ruffles.

and of course, pair it with one of their wonder tees (which i have in every color and wear almost every day) and a modern pearl necklace (gray was my first choice, but i sold it right off my neck that day) and you are set!

a tip? like down east basics on facebook, follow them on twitter, and subscribe to their emails (or pick one of the 3) and you will be in on all the sales and promos. and they ALWAYS have sweet sales. Like this dress (also seen at TCC) i picked up for $15. 

i know, you can't really see it, but it's awesome. promise. (my sister's gray dress is downeast as well. belt is allora though.)

so, friends. again, take my word for it.  WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!


Kim said...

ok where have i been? i've never heard of downeast basics except from you cute sisters! need to check it out nowwww! :)

twolittletots said...

oh, i love downeast and i wish i had a store 5 minutes for me...heck, i would take one 30 minutes from me.

they are out of the green ruffle sweater in my size...so sad! i was going to call a store and see if they had it in stock and would ship it to me...love it for fall!

{april kennedy} said...


Here is my post (with a pic of me in one of their dresses) from a couple of weeks ago after I discovered Down East Basics. Love them!!

(you'll have to copy and past...not sure how to do a clicky linky thing!)

Cora Anne Designs said...

I have that sweater in gray and I already wear it ALL THE TIME! Love Down East Basics!!!

The Starr Family said...

I feel very uncool that I have never heard of Down East Basics. Then again, I live in Ohio. Thanks for the recommendation!

Weatherbee ;) said...

I'm new to your blog...and so far I love it! All of you are so cute in these pictures...totally jealous. :) And I'm definitely going to have to check out downeast...not so sure, since I'm in the northwest!!! But I'll definitely be checking. Thanks for the tip! :)


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