Wednesday, November 10, 2010

wish list wednesdays: introducing Holly from Mommy Holly

I am so excited to share my {current!} wish list here on Allora Handmade! :) I usually have an ever-changing list in my head of things I am wishing for, and here are my faves at the moment:
Picnik collage

1. Vintage Butter and Gold Flower Earrings from EricaLeilaniDesigns!
So, so, so pretty. The perfect addition to any outfit. I have a pair of these earrings from the last Queen Bee Market, and oh.em.gee. I love them! :)

2. A Modern Pearl Rosette Necklace from {who else?!} Allora Handmade!
Seriously, so darn cute. Who won't put this on their holiday wish list this year? :)

3. Houses all in a Row Print from claudiagpearson!
I adore art prints and Etsy is full of amazing ones. This one tops my list at the current moment- I love brownstones, but does it get much better in pink? :)

4. Cream Colored Beach Cruiser
The most delicious piece of sporting equipment I've ever seen. I am no athlete, but I would love a fun bike to ride around the local lake with my six-year old! :)

5. Courtier Skirt from Anthropologie
Must I stress my love for this store??? I know this skirt is expensive, but it sure would look cute with my slouchy brown knee boots. Swoon!

6. Blooming Slouchy Beret from EmilymaySparks!
A fellow Queen Bee and an amazing accessory artist, for sure! I already have a few things from her and love, love, love each one. :)

7. Mr. Darcy Proposal Mug from Brookish
I would be happy each and every day to sip my coffee from this darling mug. And I mean, does it get any sexier than the words of Mr. Darcy?! I think not. :)

8. Grey and Silver Leaf Necklace from PrintParty
I wear a lot of neutrals, and this would jazz up any plain white tee, don't you think? :)

Happy holiday season to all of you,
happy wish-listing,
and I hope to see lots of you at the Queen Bee Market this weekend!!
xo! -Holly :)
mommy holly


emily sparks said...

Thank you for including me holly! See you soon.

meganluvsjewels said... love Mr. Darcy too Holly! I knew I liked you ;)

wishful nals said...

that gray + silver leaf necklace is perfect. xo

Whitney said...

I love the skirt! Seriously, so cute! Perhaps I could make something similar...

Halo Hill said...

Oh my gosh! I love it all! The skirt makes me swoon too, and the earrings... "like butta..." love 'em!


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