Wednesday, July 21, 2010


have you ever been the recipient of so much generosity that you didn't even know what to do but cry? 
i have.
in fact, the past few years that clint has been back in school have forced me to humble myself and receive what has been offered to us, just knowing that somehow God always finds a way to pay back those with a generous heart.  hopefully someday i will be able to pay them back. but if not, i know He will.
today i was surprised in the grandest form.
my sister, my dear sweet sister. 
a few weeks back, mique had the great idea that we should be part of this conference.
creative women entrepreneurs?
 that pretty much describes us to a T. 
but, then there's the whole money issue.
some of you may not know that money doesn't flow freely around here. student life doesn't really allow for conferences and vacations and what not. my business has been life saving for our little family when money has been tight and income has been scarce. 
i'd been racking my brain trying to figure out how i could come up with enough to get me to an amazing weekend that could potentially be huge for my business. allora baby has brought in a new audience and new sales- which is awesome. i have a few shows i'm planning on soon, which is good. but i was about to take a leap of faith to put a bunch of money into something hoping for a great return on my investment, 
not knowing exactly how it would work out.
enter my awesome sister
seriously, awesome. 
today i got an email from her telling me that she had raised over $500 so that I could go. 
scuze me, whaaaaaat?
mind you, she doesn't have a shop. 
she doesn't have a job (besides her kids, which believe you me, is a full time job.) 
but she has a blog. and people love her. 
she rounded up amazing handmade artists who were willing to pay for a spot in this week of awesomeness knowing that mique would be using every penny to help her sister out.
i'm still in shock.
these are good people. 
not only are they super talented, but they are generous and kind.
i love supporting people like that.
don't you just want to buy something from all of them knowing they are GOOD human beings?
i do.

click on the links to visit their shops

thank you, my dear friends. i've never met most of you, but i am touched by your warm hearts.
and though it may seem small to you, it is big to me and my family.
and miq, thank you. i couldn't ask for a better sister.
xo, jess


Sweet Harper said...

Hi! Tracy from Sweet happy to be a small part of your journey. I know your TCC trip will be focused on your shop, but be sure to take some time to enjoy it for YOU too. xoxo

jessica said...

It feels so much better to give then receive! :) So Jess thank you for the opportunity. Mique has become a suuuper good blog friend, I know you two will have so much fun together on this little trip. :)

Jessica VOL.25

Emmy said...

When I received the email from your sister, I couldn't resist helping. I was recently the recipient of some amazing generosity myself! I hosted a giveaway week on my blog,, to raise money for my family to adopt a baby. In one week we raised over $6,000! You are so right that God will bless every one of these people tenfold. I'm so happy to be a small part. I am also going to TCC, and will have a booth in the Handmade Market, so please come introduce yourself!
Much Ado About You

Tasha said...

That is because you are so good too. We love you just as much. When I heard that Mique was doing this it just made me happy. Sisters are the best. Thank you to you and your sister for being so amazing.

meganluvsjewels said...

I was so happy to be able to find some little way to help. All I can say is that you are such a deserving person. Since I don't have a sister, I'd admire wonderful sister relationships. I know you will have an amazing time! WIsh I could be there--you better blog about it ;-P

Andrea said...

I think you and your sister are too cute and have a wonderful relationship. I'm so happy to help out ... my only stipulation ... pass on all the wonderful-ness you get from the conference to those of us not going :). I can't wait to hear about your sure-to-be amazing time.

Happy Day to you!!

LuckyStarHeather said...

I was, of course, excited to have my shop name associated in any way with your sister's blog. But, I remember when you hijacked her blog and raised money for Autism Speaks in honor of your nephew. I told Mique how memorable that was to me, since my husband has Asperger's syndrome. I think you're both wonderful and I hope you both have a Super Great time ;) I know you'll learn lots and God will bless you with more than a sweet and beautiful sister!


mel @ the larson lingo said...

Hi, I am Mel (owner of Daylight Designs) and it is an honor to be a part of this and help you & your sister out! I love your necklaces & those new headband....swoon! I am going to have to order a few of those for my 2 girls!

Gussy said...

we heart you! so glad & happy to help you out -- and I'm SO EXCITED to meet you in a few weeks :) yeowwwwwwwwww

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