Wednesday, October 27, 2010

wish list wednesdays: introducing Tiffany from MomNom

Hi! I'm Tiffany, from Mom-Nom.Com!
I'm honored that Jess allowed me to post here today! What an incredible idea and a great way to feature the many adorable, unique and talented creators in the handmade market. Coming up with my Handmade Christmas List was overwhelmingly easy, I'll take one of everything. Please&Thank you.
But, if forced to narrow it down, here is what's on my short list - I think these shops are the bee's knees and I hope you do too!
1.) Yahee's Place - Words cannot explain the love affair I have going with Melissa of Yahee's Place. If you're in the market for something vintage, handmade and unique - this is the shop for you! Not only are her bags stylish, but they are comfortable, sizeable and perfect for the mom-on-the-go! Oh, and Melissa, is even more adorable than her bags. It's a win-win.
2.) Allora Handmade - I'm pretty sure we're all familiar of these SWOON-worthy necklaces. Jessica is incredibly talented and every last thing in her shop makes me want to blow the budget and surround my family and friends with one-of-a-kind Allora goodness.
3.) Flawed Perfection - Megan's cluster pearl earrings are the perfect combination of classic and unique. I can picture these with jeans and a cardigan, just as easily as a cocktail dress for the perfect summer soiree. And, that doesn't just apply for these earrings - all of Megan's collection can be paired with anything in your wardrobe - which gaurantee's you'll get your money's worth.
4.) Gussy Sews - EVERYBODY wants a Gussy ruffle. Including me. While I have my pouch, I LONG for one of these adorable travel bags in a unique pattern with a classic Gussy ruffle. Maggie, the face of Gussy, is a staple in the handmade community - reaching out to shops that need guidance and using her blog as an outlet to promote all things handmade.
5.) Twenty Five Designs - That adorable bracelet up there? It's just one of many. The color combinations are endless and the adorable rosette's are in full bloom. I can think of about 10 people on my shopping list that would LOVE their very own Twenty Five Designs creation - and I bet you can too!
6.) Little Alouette - I've been eye-balling these wooden teething toys since I was pregnant. Not only is this mustache adorable - but oh-so-trendy. And, there's more where that came from, with everything from Giraffe and Hippo to state's and shapes. These wooden toys are perfect for kids of all ages and gaurantee'd to be a hit with the expecting/new moms in our lives.
7.) Jessa ZG - Who wouldn't want a classic silhouette of their child up in their home? Or, what grandparent wouldn't just SWOON as they unwrapped the profile of their adorable grandbaby? These custom creations are priceless and gauranteed to become family heirlooms. Handmade & timeless? The perfect combination. Jessa, the adorable face behind the creations has more than silhouette's to offer - check out her site for pet illustrations, custom height charts and a special surprise - coming soon!
8.) Much Ado About You - I've been wanting a planner for EVER. And, not just any run-of-the-mill planner. I've had my eye on a Much Ado About You personalized planner. With adorable tabs, custom covers and trendy backs - these planners make keeping your life organized stylish AND fun.
9.) Sandy A La Mode - One of my more recent finds is the adorable Sandy of Sandy A La Mode. Her adorable pins are perfect for my hair style, and the fall colors would go with just about everything in my wardrobe. Nothing dresses up a ponytail faster than an adorable A La Mode hairpin. I have a trendy 19 year old cousin that will just DIE when she finds these goodies under her tree.
10.) Sheyb - Every mom with a camera should have one of Shey's stylish and comfortable straps. Not only are the designs unique and fun, but the comfort of the strap makes it nearly irresistable. These straps are sure to make every photographer, regardless of experience, feel inspired and loved.

THANK YOU, Jess, for letting me take over your beautiful space! Happy Shopping!


Gussy said...

thanks for including Gussy, Tiffany :]

love the shops you've got here, too!!

Anonymous said...

awwww what a beautiful list~!! and thanks mom nom for including my hairpins~!!! :D

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

what a great list!!! loving every single thing here.

great pick, jess - and enjoy your list, tiffany! :)

happy wednesday, ladies!

Amanda Moury said...

Oh my gosh Tiffany I want one of the "Muchadoaboutyou" planners too! I don't know if I can wait for Christmas :) Great post and Allora, your work is amazing and so pretty! I think I'll be adding a couple of your items to my list as well! :)

Anonymous said...

What a great list! I love everything on it! Thanks for including me :)

Heather :: AFD Jewelry :: said...

LOVE it! We have a couple things in common!

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