Tuesday, October 5, 2010

while you're thinking about wish lists...

can i suggest you add one thing?
i was lucky enough to get my hands on the most amazing  much ado about you calendar while i was at TCC.
uh. i die. lit-rally.
(channeling my inner rachel zoe)
i don't know how i ever lived without this beauty. keeps me sane. (you know my love for lists...)
you had me at leopard print tabs... yeeeoow!!

my favorite thing (besides the adorable cover with my adorable kids) is the layout. i so neeeeeed a calendar that has a weekly calendar as well as a monthly. and week days with hours from 6am to 10pm - because really, 9 to 5? i wish i kept those hours!
i have relied on this baby to help keep all of my many projects organized and to plan out my week in advance to minimize the crazy. AND it's cute. 
the best part? emmy is having a huge sale right now! AND today is the last day to apply to become an official calendar ambassador. (check it out)

have you added a new calendar to your list yet? DO IT. (and thank me later.)
was that forceful? sorry 'bout that. ahem.

p.s. thanks to those of you who have emailed me about guest posting! i am excited for all of you to share your wish lists with us. i'll be getting more information out to you soon!


Heather :: AFD Jewelry :: said...

I have one - in love with it, and every time I use it people are jealous, which I kind of love. But I'm nice and tell them where they can get their own :)

Tracy Rogers said...

LOVE IT!! Emmy is such a sweet & talented gal :) I cannot wait to meet her at QBM! I also LOVE me some Rachel Zoe!!!

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