Monday, October 4, 2010

wish list?

found here

lately i've been hearing this a lot:
"your necklaces are AMAZING! on my wish list!"
"everything in your shop is so pretty! adding to my christmas list right now!"

and after a few comments/tweets/emails about these "lists" i started thinking...
i mean, don't get me wrong. i'm flattered.
AND  i'm a sucker for lists.
i can't function without a to-do list.
in fact, i'm the type that is crazy enough about lists that when i do something that wasn't on my list, i add it just so i can cross it off.
annoying, i know. (can we still be friends?)
but, wish lists?
nope. not really.
i mean, if i can afford to get something, i get it.
if i can't, i don't.
sort of boring right?
i know!!!
so, help me out girls. (guys? yeah, didn't think so.)
what is on your wish list?
i mean, my birthday is only a month away... and christmas? will be here in the blink of an eye!
what's a girl to do?
but wait! don't give it all way!
how about a chance to post your wish list right here?
november is going to be a crazy month around here, and I would love to share my modest little platform with some of you while i run around like a chicken with my head cut off. sounds fun, right? (the guest-posting part, not the chicken part.) want to share your list with the rest of us?
if you're interested, shoot me an email ( and we'll try and work something out!
ready, set, BREAK.

p.s. did i say thanks for the sweet comments from fridays post? i didn't? well, THANK YOU. thanks for the encouragement and the amen's and the go-get-em's. i so appreciate your kindness!


AshleyAnn said...

This post cracked me up...only because today I walked through Barnes & Noble (by myself for the first time in 4 years) creating a huge wish list. It began with Martha Stewart's Fabric & Sewing book...too bad I can't add "magically learn to sew"!

{april kennedy} said...

I add something to my list too, just so that I can cross it of. So we are still 'friends'!

For the last few years I, too, have been a bit spoiled and bought what I wanted. It made it hard for birthdays and holidays. But lately we have been on a really strict budget. Hmmm....I'll have to start thinking of a wish list! I know a nice camera strap would be on it...but then I think, I should just make myself one. Some things are more fun to buy though!

Kristal said...

I love reading about your thoughts. I think that one of the things on my wishlist is more time to hang out with you (you know, like in person like normal people do)! The other things on my wishlists are wayyy to many to a point where I am embarrassed that I want so much. Have I confused you yet?

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