Sunday, October 10, 2010

ok, I know I'm lame, don't tell me...

but I just barely (and FINALLY) figured out how to put a button and a grab code on my sidebar!
please don't lecture me about tech-savvy-ness. i know. i know. but html? may as well be mumbo-jumbo.
do me a favor, would ya? link a sister up! because that was a huge (lame) hurdle right there. let's not let it be all for naught, eh?
look, i'll even put it right here for you:
allora button

i'm exhausted now.


carlisle clan conversation... said...

OMGoodness, thank the Lord because I could not get it to work for the LIFE of me! Putting you in the perfect spot...right next to that rad chick from 30 Days! :) Yeah for you, by the way...I am so computer stupid!

Laura said...

It's beautiful!

melissa said...


I Sew Lucky said...

Good for you! I have not even tried, because really I have no clue:/ Gussy I is going to make one for me for her Holiday Gift Guide:) THank God she is soooo sweet!

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