Monday, January 10, 2011

i live in the snow. {plus, a winner!}

soooo... i'm a san diego girl. you know that, right?
except somehow i've spent the last 3 winters surrounded by all this cold white stuff and quite uncertain what to do with myself.
please ignore the unflattering attire & uniboob. not proud of it.

i'll admit it, since moving to utah i have not *embraced* the winter.
at. all. 
i turn into a hermit, and my poor children don't see the light of day until spring. 
not a fan.
but the other day a friend sent me a text asking if hubs & I would like to go snowshoeing. a snowshoe double-date.

{out of shape. not a fan of snow. first and last time i went snowshoeing was on a TERRIBLE blind date eleventy billion years ago. did i mention i'm out of shape? and don't like the snow?}

but, we needed to get out of the house. the kids needed a break from me, and i needed a break from them. and we needed to socialize with other adults. who we like.
so, i bought found some warm, waterproof-ish clothes and left early saturday morning just hoping i'd make it back alive.
i struggled. oh boy, did i.
but i survived.
did you know snowshoeing is like hiking, but in the snow, and with like 20lbs strapped onto each leg?
yeah. it is.
at the top, before coming back down. do i look tired? uh, don't answer that.

when i got home this is what i tweeted: 

so, i was tired. and felt a little defeated to be the slowest (BY FAR) of the group.
but, when i wasn't gasping for air, it was so refreshing to breathe in that cool mountain air and enjoy this crazy phenomenon they call winter. and when i could catch my breath, it was taken away by the beauty of the powdered-sugar wonderland that surrounded me. and while i don't have the beach close by to remind me of the majesty of god's creations, a crisp white clean winter might just do the trick every once in awhile. 
my friend - who everyone thinks is my sister. crazy, huh?

aww... a double date! (yes, hubs wears that hat on purpose. isn't he cute?)

that's not to say i'll become a snow-sho-er per se, but i will do my best this winter to TRY to enjoy the here and the now and the beauty that is before me.

did you enter the lollipops giveaway? are you the lucky winner?
you are if your name is KATE !
congrats!! i will email you shortly.
thanks krystina


Jenny said...

I have never done that... looks like fun? Not sure about that, but you two DO look so much alike!

krystina said...

i love this post! you look beautiful, i don't know what you're talking about!

congrats Kate! coincidentally Kate is doing a lollipops giveaway this week! LOL!! Good thing she won these, she's in need of some playdate cards ;)

Gussy said...

Awe, Jess. You rock.

PS. I happen to like your uniboob ;]

Julie @ CalleLillyCafe said...

that first photo of you is super cute! =)

Heather said...

I think you are awesome for going snowshoeing...that sounds terrible! I live in VA and we've had our fair share of now this year already. Bring on the spring!

I Sew Lucky said...

Ugghh! I hate the winter:/ I live in nothern Minnesota and every winter I say why do we live here??? I hate it. It is sooo long! I am the same ith my kids. Not an outside person at all. My kids rarely go outside in the winter. Once they are old enough to go out and play for awhile they only do it once in awhile. but, summer...they are out there all day!!!! I like to tell myself it makes up for it;)

Meg said...

sounds exhausting but fun!! we get plenty of snow here in michigan but i am not into skiing/snowboarding. i think i'd have a much better chance of enjoying snow shoeing.. i should try it out!

aPearantly sew said...

I hate cold weather too. I don't mind the snow but that's because we only get enough here for it to look pretty for a couple days and then it's gone.
You look adorable in that first picture. Even if you do have a uniboob :)

Andrea said...

I second, third, fourth ... you are TOO cute :). I'm so happy you posted this too ... even if it's not your favorite photo, even if you did feel exhausted, even if you weren't the fastest. You did it, you had fun and that is worth remembering!!
Plus I know you've ran a 1/2 marathon ... you've got guts lady!
Happy Week!

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