Wednesday, January 12, 2011

that's what she said!

if you'll join me over on twitter, each week i will be asking a question and posting your answers here. 

i la-la-loved your enthusiasm about "that's what she said" last week, and i'm so excited to continue this week. 56 entries!
so, since we are in the thick of applying for law schools ALL over the country, i just had to ask:

"if you could live anywhere in the US (other than where you now live) where would it be?"

@PeggyAnn_Design : I would love to live in Boston or Charleston or somewhere with a rich early American history. I'm a dork.

@simplerika  Ketchum (Sun Valley), ID. such a laid back, beautiful town! spent summers there growing up.

@AliLittle28  I would live in Hawaii with @aisletoaloha or I LOVE Charleston, SC!

@kodibevelle  Because we are knee deep in snow, I'd choose anyplace with a beach!

@bebehblog Charleston, SC! I went to college there, got married there & got a tattoo there ;) Most beautiful city in the US.

@bucknerfamily  I would want to live in Montana...even though I have never been there! :)

@SugarAndDots: Texas! I wouldn't mind having an accent. Plus, the whole "big hair" thing makes me wanna bust out the Aqua Net & go to town.

@KnittyBitties  I haven't actually visited, but I'm pretty sure I'd love to live in Vermont. Preferably in the 2011 HGTV Dream House. :D

@framesandnames  North Carolina...4 seasons, trees, close to water AND mountains. Perfection in my book!

@teacupofcoffee  Santa Monica, California! If I could walk down Main st or lay on the beach wih a view of the pier I'd be a happy girl :)

@jeannettg  do i have to take my kids with me?

@thevintagepearl  id live on the central coast of Florida, anywhere near a pretty beach and close enough to drive to Disney :)

@  either downtown Charlestown SC or somewhere on the beach. Love the beach!

@piperpost  I think I would choose Oregon.

@thelushers  San Francisco!

@RebelBellePhoto I'd be living in LA, for sure...although I'd take anywhere in SoCal. :)

@hiyaluv  riverside, california or anywhere in so cal for that matter! Or perhaps Minneapolis so I could be near @GussySews

@The_BMG That would be hard b/c I've lived in CO my whole life! I think I would choose Northern California.

@beslightlyaskew  I would pick Huntington Beach CA-not just anywhere in Hntgton. I would buy Ruby's at the end of the pier & make it my house.

@iheartBCD  I already know my answer! San Francisco! I miss it!

@parkersprints  NYC- Upper East Side a la Gossip Girl :)

@coraannedesigns I would live in NYC!!

@  NYC

@abbeyviolet  Alexandria, VA

@Jdpresley  Cape Cod. So pretty.

@bbgoad  I would live in Ft Collins CO

@30daysblog  Encinitas,CA as long as you're there. Kauai would be dreamy as well. But I do love where I live. ;)

@jennilynncar  ok Cali since some of my fav bloggers/friends live there. If I did, u would HAVE to move back!

@celeste_w  might sound odd, but I'd move back to my hometown: Tallahassee, FL. I miss it so much!!

@CrystalStine if I could live anywhere, I would live in Napa Valley - it just smells so darn good!

@sandyalamode  i'd LOVE to live in hawaii! great weather, a walk to the beach, shaved ice, and luaus in my backyard every night! ;)

@oakhilldesigns Considering we have 11 inches of snow right now, I would have to say Florida or Arizona-somewhere warm with no snow-ever!!

@aprilkennedy  I'd live near the beach. Hubby is a laid back man during the day when he starts it in the ocean. All is right in his soul!

@aisletoaloha  Alaska! Craving the cold and wide open spaces after living on a hot island. Plus, it's the other "outcast" state. ;)

@yourwishcake On an apple orchard in Washington State. (As long as I don't actually have to pick all the apples myself, of course.) 

@KEEPUPWITHJJ  Newport Beach, please. TY :)

@justjuliblog J Bethel, VT or Jimez, NM

@AlexaTC  I would live in Washington DC. Still get four seasons, but a milder version than Minnesota!

@afdjewelry  nowhere! I'm staying in my happy, little bubble! ;)

@mandiegirl  Chicago!!

@nmilkie  in a craftsman style house with a wrap around porch on the beach in a small, quaint town.

OMyFamily  Salt Lake City. True story, just ask @ryles or @theoutdoorwifeNature, has all 4 seasons, friends, family friendly city, adventure. 

theoutdoorwife SLC. Friends. Sun. Mountains. Small city. Church plant.

@gooseandtrisser Orange County, CA. Beach town. Preferably Laguna Beach!

@taprilcrosier  San Diego!! {i have a love obsession with Shamu and SeaWorld}

creairtive i live in sweden right now, but would love to live in San Francisco, my favourite city!

@Marci_Girl  I would move back to Florida and live on the beach!

@tristina_wright  Near my mom's horse farm just outside St Louis, MO. 23 acres, woods, lake and lots of animals!

@homewiththeboys  This might sound crazy, but Sioux Falls, SD. I grew up there and my family still lives there - such a lovely town!

@eclecticwhatnot  NYC, baby!

@jennilynncar  India

@GreenEnough4Me  I'd move back to Alabama.

@chspooner  Nashville, TN

@yes_teacher  In a rural area right outside of Flint, MI. It's where my in-laws live and where I 1st discovered that red barns are real!

@aroomsomewhere  no question, San Luis Obispo, CA! Love that town.

@MamaoftheFisch In the South where the southern charm seeps from people, the accents are adorable, and the history is in the buildings

you know what i love most about this? there are good places to live EVERYWHERE. that makes me really happy :)
what about you? where would you live if you could live anywhere in the US? 
thanks for playing! tune in next week!


Ruthanne said...

Oh my word. Jeannett's answer made me laugh so hard.

Sandy a la Mode said...

it's all over the map!!! really, i don't think it matters TOO much where you live, as long as you have great friends, a good family and a fun job in your city!! :)

mandiegirl said...

I love this series, Jess! You're such a smartie! :)

Sarah B. said...

How fun! I think California got the most votes :)

lindsey said...

um, i am wondering about the person that said she'd like to live in riverside. has she ever been there? its kinda considered the armpit of oc - sorry to offend anyone that lives there!

Crystal said...

wonder how many east coasters wanted to go west to CA, & vice versa? (says the girl who lives in PA and would live in Napa Valley, CA) {grin}

Heather :: AFD Jewelry :: said...

I love this series, Jess!

nicole said...

austin TX

gina luv said...

yay! you live in encinitas?! that is where my aunt and uncle live. I used to work at UCR and miss it so....:/
ps-such a fun series. i look forward to this every week!

lila Check said...

I would live in Italy or maybe Brazil?...gosh,I'm confuse now! ;)
love,love,love your blog!


Lots of South Carolina, I am would pick North Carolina like Edenton or near Outer banks!
Cool post!

Jeannett said...


Okay, the Riverside comment was the one that stuck out to me too!!! Um, really? Riverside? For reals. I hear they have nice graffiti there. meow.

Lindsay @ Aisle to Aloha said...

Love this series! :) So many amazing places I'd love to visit!

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