Friday, December 3, 2010

can i unload my brain for a minute?

happy friday friends.

right now i am:

  • typing with bandaids on 5 of my 10 fingers. serious.
  • realizing that this one-woman-rosette-factory deal is hazardous to your (and by "your" i mean "my") health.
  • happy to give my little fingers a quick break 
  • super grateful for the friends that live inside my computer
  • fa-reaking out a bit trying to figure out how to get it all done before my december 15th deadline.
  • overwhelmed by the fact that I just had my best month EVER.
  • eating triscuits and cheese for breakfast (no, i'm not pregnant.)
  • wanting desperately to get it all done so i can focus on the REASON for the season.
  • pretty stoked to have finally wrapped up all the loose ends for the queen bee market.
  • excited and stressed all in one that we have another show scheduled and booked for may.
  • still in my pajamas
  • praying for guidance to do what is best for me and my family
  • anxiously anticipating a night out with the hubby tonight (even though going to a church dinner isn't exactly a hot date - i'll take what i can get.)
  • terribly humbled by your love, support, orders, etc.
  • excited by the possibilities that lie within the new year
  • counting down the days (17!) to get out of the snow and home to the sunshine with the whole fam
  • thinking about Mary and her response: "Be it unto me according to thy word..."
  • brainstorming new product ideas for january
  • wondering what new allora products you are dying to see
  • offering free advertising for december on my sidebar. see?------->
  • (email me if you want in on it)
  • hoping you have a great weekend
  • ready to announce the Scotch (R) Tape giveaway winners!

Drumroll pleeeease!

The lucky winners:

Dixon family (
Megan (
Melissa (
ArmyHearts (
Savanna O'Gwynn (
Denise (
Ann (
jeannetg (
Nichelle (
Alison (

I will contact you shortly for your info!
Thanks for playing!


Gussy said...

i want to sit in my pajamas with you ;]

carlisle clan conversation... said...

Yeah for the winners, yeah for free advertising and YEAH for new Allora Handmade items! Woot! Emailed you frantically about the free ad space! XOXO

Jen said...

I hope your poor fingers feel better soon!

Nicole M said...

Love to hear your brain. Thank you for the free advertising. That is soooo overly generous of you. So happy that you had an amazing month.So love to see your blessings.

Amy said...

Eep! That looks painful!

Totally emailed you about ad space! :)

danielle @ take heart said...

girl! i love this post. i'm sorry your fingers are hurting but you are sure making some beautiful things with them!

circlelinestudio said...

hanging out in pj's sound like such a good idea today!

Heather :: AFD Jewelry :: said...

Big hugs, Jess. I think you are Superwoman!

Ruthanne said...

I'm still in my pjs, which is convenient because it will be bedtime soon. ;D

Your poor fingers. Ouch! And I'm not helping things, am I?

Stop it, Ruthanne. Stop it.

melissa said...

i think you are a hard worker and it has paid off. you are super sweet and gracious and it shows in what you do! congrats on the best month ever!!!! and thank you for posting my little button over there----->
you are awesome!

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