Tuesday, December 21, 2010

our week(ish) in phone pics

well, we made it. we are here in (not so sunny) san diego and are thrilled to be home.
we've had a fun, relaxing, full week. it seems i'm better at taking pictures (blurry as they may be) on my phone than in any other way, so we'll go with it. and since i'm technically on vacation, they are in no particular order. call me lazy. if you follow me on twitter these will look familiar (again, lazy.)

 clint  relaxing and playing with henry after a whopping 6 1/2 hour math final. ask my sister, i seriously thought he was dead in the streets and started driving around looking for him in the gutters. 6 1/2 hours!!! who does that? no more math for him(yay!) and only one more semester to go. well, for now.
 driving around to look at the christmas lights. the boys LOVE christmas lights. unfortunately we never made it to temple square this year, but here is my post from last year. love that place at christmas time.
 gotta teach 'em while they're young. i rarely go to restaurants with the boys - i'm not very adventurous with them on my own, but they are finally getting to an age that is so much easier. and since the hubs isn't in love with cafe rio like i am, i found another date. or two. and they were HAAAAAPPPY. so was i. win win!
 deciding whether or not to buy the ridiculously cheap forever 21 cowboy boots. i didn't buy them that day, but they haunted me and i went back the next day to get them. and i'm in love. i think i've worn them every day since.
 owen & i decided to try our hand at gingerbread houses. oh boy. whoever invented gingerbread houses a) did not know anything about gravity or the laws of  physics in general b) did not know much about children and their patience levels. let's just say it's a good thing i don't plan on being an architect. but owey sure was happy. can you tell?
my amazing (and totally unoriginal) invention. i had used this mug to dip pretzels into caramel (for before mentioned holiday treats) and when it was time to clean up the mess i decided that rather than cleaning up this caramel, i would make apple cider in it. oh. my. yum. soooo goooood.
 the latest addition to my tights collection. tights are my favorite way to make winter not so .... winter - y. these babies were just $5 at target!
 henry eats breakfast in style. someone tell me why my boys insist on eating yogurt with their hands?
 sorry if you are offended by this one. i think it's hilarious. henry likes yanking on his diaper until it is barely hanging on. i sent this pic to my sister to make her laugh. it did.
sad, sad day in provo. the tabernacle burnt down and the city is still mourning this beautiful building. we live about 8 blocks from here, so we could see smoke for 2 days. so sad, but the boys sure loved the fire truck action.
 good mail waiting for me in my mailbox! heather from angel face designs sent me a package full of goodies. aren't they pretty?!
 from our front yard yesterday. let me tell you how sad i was to leave all the snow. (not even a smidgen.)
 henry at the airport. we got there nice and early and it made for a much easier trip. the boys watched planes and trucks out the windows and were thrilled.
owen and henry ate breakfast on these treasures this morning. cabbage patch plates from when mique and i were kids that my mom still has for the grandkids to use. don't be jealous.


carlisle clan conversation... said...

I love it, what a fun group of pics! Have fun with Mique this week! Merry Christmas!

Lauren said...

looks like a wonderful week!! (except for the fire... that is very sad.) Your little guy's bum is cracking me up!!


Lindsay - Paint Me A Picture said...

*lazy* phone pics are the best.
happy Christmas.

Melissa said...

I love your photos! Whenever I make gingerbread houses I always cheat and hot glue the building together before we decorate it. Saves time and frustration and who is going to eat one anyway?

Melissa said...

Just posted about our gingerbread house making tonight. I love your comment about not knowing about the laws of gravity. That is no joke! Merry Christmas to you! xoxo

Heather :: AFD Jewelry :: said...

That booty picture cracks me up! I hope you love your earrings :)

kELLO! said...

love those tiiiights.

Alexa said...

I love that you said the boots were "haunting" you! I am the exact same way when I find something I love. I obsess over it, but am always shy on pulling the trigger to buy it, and then sometimes, it's too late and it's sold out, eek!

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