Wednesday, December 1, 2010

wish list wednesdays: introducing Julia from J-Jewels Designs

Hello to all you Allora Handmade Lovers (myself included!)
My name is Julia I am the creator of J-Jewels Designs a Hand-stamped Jewelry company.
I am thrilled that Jess asked me to guest post my Wish List for all of you!
So fun to see what everyone wishes for and get some of my own ideas too!!
Here I go but this is just a sampling because I could go on and on....
1. Boots -
2. Fairies- Kelly Rae Roberts
3. Organizing Classes- Simplify 101
6. Purse- Down East Basics (OK I guess Ijust really like everything here!)
7. Personal Mug- Mypolkadotpottery (For Coffee Lovers, Like me!)
8. Great book for list makers like me!- Amazon
9. This is a no brainer!!! (I want them in teal, hint. hint....)


Suzanne said...

Oh I LOVE Julia! I met her at TCC (we kept running into each other) and I bought one of her lovely necklaces. Clearly she has awesome taste in earrings but man, those boots are hot!

Mary Margaret said...

You are so cute! Colton is not really sure about all of this!!! Love your selection of gifts!
The purse or the boots! Which one do you want for Christmas?????

Day to Day at The Hog Shed said...

Your family looks so great!! Love your jewelry. You are soooo talented. I hope you get your wish list.....Claire

Elizabeth said...

These are all great gift ideas!!! I want organizing classes!

cherishdesigns said...

Jess, I love your products... I enjoyed meeting you at The Handmade Market! I am so envious that you have all of your orders completed for the holidays! Way to go! Loved the photo of all of your roses!

Julia, what a great wish list... I think I need to create a wish list, my hubby says I am very hard to buy for! I beg to differ! Happy Holidays to both of you! Kris

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