Thursday, December 9, 2010

Merry Christmas to me! Merry Christmas to you!

all of your orders spent the night under my tree last night ;)
by now, my mom is on a plane headed back to the sunshine.
we miss her already.
the boys woke up asking for her, and they probably will for the next 11 days until we make our way down to san diego for christmas.
thanks to her, i spent the last 48 hours working, working, working like i've never worked before to get it all done. and i am so happy to announce that ALL of my orders are finished and ready to ship!! 6 days early!!
i can't even tell you how excited i am! {thank you, thank you, thank you mom!!!}
i have lists and lists of things to do before we leave, including pull off a christmas program tonight for the women at my church, but #1 on that list is spend some much needed mommy and me time with my boys. they are so patient with me and my crazy work schedule, and i am just so excited to play with them without worrying about whose order needs to be shipped.
so, merry christmas to you - your packages are on their merry little way!
and merry christmas to me - i get a whole extra week to hang out with the cutest little kids on the planet! (not biased at all.)


aPearantly sew said...

Aren't moms the best?! Congrats on being finished a whole week early! That's so exciting. Enjoy the time with your boys!

carlisle clan conversation... said...

I love this shot! You are a rockstar...enjoy your precious boys lovely!

caroline. said...

THAT is impressive... way to go, girl! :)

I Sew Lucky said...

I wish I was done. I mail out twice a week and feel like a crazy person. Good for you and have a wonderful CHristmas!

Tasha said...

Yeah!!! That is a whole lot of happiness right there! Go you! And yeah for a good Mom to come help you out :)

amy said...

awesome!!! enjoy your time with your handsome boys. we hope to see you when you come to enjoy the sunshine. when will you be here? let me know!

jess said...

yes! we neeeed to get together! we will be there from the 20th through the 31st. can't wait to see you guys!

jess said...

I really am lucky to have a great mom. she's a lifesaver. just wish we lived closer!

jess said...

@I Sew Lucky
do you go to the post office 2x a week or do you ever do pickups at your house? hope things slow down for you soon so you can get a break!

jess said...

@aPearantly sew
THANK YOU! and i think we have kids the very same age. am i remembering right? if so, bless your heart... ;)

jess said...

@carlisle clan conversation...
thanks girl!

jess said...

thank you, thank you! feels so good to be done!!

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