Monday, December 13, 2010 {giveaway closed}

i LOVE this time of year.
aside from the jingle bells, christmas trees, and twinkling lights, i LOVE seeing so many people willing to give of their hearts, their time, and their talents and come together to celebrate the greatest Gift of Love that was ever given.
i do not even pretend to do anything great. but, i am lucky to know people who do.
a few friends of mine have some awesome things up their sleeves, and i am eager to help in any way i can.
1) have you heard of project 320?
awesome girls leading seriously awesome lives and making a difference for so many people.
want to do something cool this year? why not help make water possible for a village?
2) have you met cliff?
jeannett has taken on a huge goal to help this little boy go home for christmas.
i can't stand the thought of an orphanage during christmas time. (well, any time of year, really. but you know what i mean.) uggh.
do you want to help?
i know you do. i do!
first off, i know. times are tough. most of us have a little less than we are used to this year. the budget is tight. i get it. (believe you me, I GET IT.) but, will you trust me when i promise you that when you give you will receive? never fails. promise. pinky swear.
second, can i sweeten the pot a little bit? other than the great feeling you will have knowing you are serving and embracing the true christmas spirit, i am throwing in the opportunity to win this:
i know the picture isn't fabulous, but work with me here.

for every $10 you donate to charity water or every $10 you donate to cliff, you will be entered to win this pile of yummy rosieness (not a word, i know.)

what's in it, you say? oh, just 2 three musketeers headbands (in bubblegum pink and eggplant), 3 pairs of rosy earrings (in light yellow, turquoise, and gray) and one rosette statement bracelet (in blush pink).
if my calculations are correct (and they are), that is $89 worth of Allora Handmade! AND, it is all ready to ship and *should* get to you in time for christmas if you are generous enough to give away some of your giveaway. (crazy)
wooooo hoooo!
so, here's what you do: hop on over to donate and come back here to comment once (including your email address) for each $10 you donate to either cliff or project 320. i will announce a winner on friday morning, and the goodies will be sent out first thing on saturday!
ready, set, go! and go!
and thank you.


Heather :: AFD Jewelry :: said...

Hi, my name is Heather and I'm obsessed with Allora Handmade....but you knew that already!

Using two of my "entries" here :)


Heather :: AFD Jewelry :: said...

#2 :)

Thanks for being a part of Project 320 2010, and for the chance to win some pretties! xo!

Hannah said...

Yay for Cliffy! & Rosettes! But mostly Cliffy! (i still love your rosettes though)

peggyanndesign at gmail dot com

Joyful Weddings and Events said...

Love that you are doing this :) I donated to Project 320

Joyful Weddings and Events said...

& Cliffy :)

Selina said...

I've donated to Cliffy!

Rhonda D. Designs said...

What a fabulous way to give this Holiday Season. Thank you for doing this. I gave to bring Cliffy home.

Rhonda D.

Rhonda D. Designs said...

Second entry for Cliffy.

Meggan and Remy said...

I wish we could all have more of the spirit of giving all year long! Just donated at Project 320!

carlisle clan conversation... said...

So thankful to give water! God is so good!

Entry 2, Jenni Carlisle

Meggan and Remy said...

Couldn't help myself after reading Cliff's story. My heart hurts! Second entry for Cliff.

Simply Created by Cole said...

So love seeing all this goodness in giving to others! I donated to Charity Water! Entry 1


Simply Created by Cole said...

Entry #2 also for the donation to Charity Water! Have Cliff's button on my blog homepage!


Julie @ Joy's Hope said...

I lovely, love, love the rosyness. Love.
Love Cliff.
Love water.
Thanks for helping friend!!!!

Selina said...

I just donated for the well. I love this cause.