Tuesday, December 7, 2010

today is a good day.

first, thanks for all of your sweet comments about my mountain of rosies!
last night it felt really good to step back and revel in the moment. i will feel even more accomplished when these packages are out the door! {soon, soon!}
today is a good day.
my mom flew in last night after hearing the panicked sound in my voice at the end of last week.
she's so good to me. and my kids.
so, she is entertaining those boys to pieces and spoiling them rotten for the next 2 days while i work round the clock to *hopefully* get orders out even before my december 15th deadline. wouldn't that be swell? {fingers crossed!} i'm feeling much better now that she is here to help.
another reason today is a good day?
late last night i got these sweet pics in my inbox from brooke of brooke ashley photography (she's amaaaazing... go check her out!):

i die!
brooke is one of my best customers and it made me so happy when she told me she and her sweet daughter, ava can both wear three musketeers headbands! isn't that awesome? so when she asked if i've ever made earrings for little ones, i had to give it a try. i love how they turned out!
so, coming in january... petite rosy earrings - for you (if you like things a little more understated) or for your little ones. sooo cute! thanks brooke and ava!
and that won't be the only thing coming in january - i've been making a list and checking it twice (tee hee) with all of your suggestions for new products! and i'm excited! keep 'em coming!
(lots of exclamations!!!! sorry!!!)


Brooke said...

hehe, I am so excited :) Excited that Ava has a pair of rosy earrings, that she is on your blog and that business is going so well for you! A good day indeed!!

Colibri Photo said...

Ok. I'm the Canadian girl. Ask Brooke who I am and she will tell you. I have been following Brooke for a while now on her blog and I ended up today on your blog. Your products are AMAZING. I want a pair of those earrings for my niece SO BAD! Can't wait to see what you will offer in January. Great business that you have! Congrats! Valerie : )

steelebjm said...

Your mom is a cool lady. I'm having a day (week...month...) of needing my mommy but a cell phone will have to do for now. :/

Lindsay - Paint Me A Picture said...

A good mama is hard to find. So glad mine lives just across the street and can "jet" over when I have one of those days! Good luck and hope you finish...scratch that, you will finish.

danielle @ take heart said...

so happy your mom came to help out. moms are the best. and these photos are BEAUTIFUL!

JenniB said...


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